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Keeping pace with topical issues

Topics that move you – explained in a way that sticks: Broaden your knowledge of socially relevant topics in a way that is based on science, yet still comprehensible, and find out more about some of the University of Bern’s key areas of learning and research along the way.

Blended Psychotherapy

Mental Health Issues? The Journey of Ella, Michael and Anne

Every second person suffers from mental health disorders at least once in their lifetime. In this interactive video we get to know three people with different psychological challenges and learn which strategies they have developed in dealing with their challenges. As viewers, we get involved in their decision-making and experience how difficult it can be to find your own solutions.

Cognitive Psychology

flashMOOCs University of Bern, Thumbnail to the video "Reality: How Perception Creates the World"

Reality: How Perception Creates the World

Our perception is our reality. We perceive the world around us as distinct and unambiguous and take information for granted. But our perception is not always clear, and we can also be mistaken. But how does our brain process information? And how is the reality we perceive created?

Political Science

flashMOOCs University of Bern, Thumbnail to the video "Democracy vs. Sustainability"

Democracy vs. Sustainability

Step into the shoes of a small town’s Mayor and work your way up to the federal office. Make sustainable decisions for the benefit of the citizens. Should a food waste app be mandatory or voluntary? Should the majority of voters out rule the minorities? Are political processes even compatible with sustainability? This you will learn in this gamification video.

Historical Theology

flashMOOCs University of Bern, Thumbnail to the video "How to Cope with Religious Conflicts – Insights from History"

How to Cope with Religious Conflicts – Insights from History

Conflicts with religious dimensions have shaped humankind ever since. Considered by some as the primary cause of conflict, others see religion as inherently peaceful and simply instrumentalized to advance conflicts. In this video we reflect about what should be taken into account to cope with and understand religious conflicts.

Plant Sciences

flashMOOCs University of Bern, Thumbnail to the video "Control Insect Pests - The Western Corn Rootworm"

Pest Control Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture

Each year, insect pests consume enough crops to feed 600 million people. Taking the corn rootworm as an example, discover which strategies are in place to control pests, their advantages and disadvantages, and the role that basic research has to play in developing new, sustainable strategies.


flashMOOCs University of Bern, Thumbnail to the video "Banks and Financial Crises"

Banks and Financial Crises

The explosive economic force of the 2008 financial crisis was almost on par with that of the “Great Depression” of the 1930s. In this video, you will learn why history did not end up repeating itself, how the financial crisis came about, and how it all relates to the functioning of and risks affecting banks.