flashMOOCs – Interactive Educational Videos

About us

The flashMOOCs are produced in close cooperation between the Support Center for ICT-Aided Teaching and Research (iLUB) and the higher education didactics and teaching development team from the Centre for University Continuing Education (ZUW).

Awards and Nominations

Our flashMOOCs were awarded, nominated and shown at several film festivals and competitions. See the list below:

  • 2022: MEDEA Awards: Winner "Democracy vs. Sustainability - a branched interactive story"
  • 2021: MEDEA Awards: Finalist "How to Cope with Religious Conflicts – Insights from History"
  • 2020: MEDEA Awards: Finalist "Pest Control Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture"
  • 2020: eduhub days Awards: Best Educational Movie "Pest Control Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture"
  • 2019: Global Science Film Festival: Nominee "Pest Control Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture"

Project management (iLUB)

Production & storyboard (iLUB)

Storyboard (ZUW)